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COVID-19 Information

Your safety is our number one concern while packaging items.

As we pack items we will be taking a number of steps to help protect you. 

This includes; Wearing a mask, sanitizing between every few packages.

Shipping Delay's

Covid-19 has already caused a lot of delays with mail so your patience is greatly appreciated!

Here's a few things to remember if you're considering messaging us.

Please allow for 7-21 days for shipping.  Shipping dates will be updated on the shop page.

Order something Seasonal? No problem! We're working fast to make sure you get it fast. Any packages that contain 'Seasonal' tagged items will be priority shipping!

We have a ordering system keeps track of every order. We promise you haven't been forgotten! If you placed an order and received a confirmation e-mail you're all set! There is no need to check in on order/status.


You may face postal delivery delays
This is to be expected during COVID-19 and the Holiday's rolling around. Once your item leaves us and is in the hands of the postal service you can keep up with the Tracking # and make contact with them if you have issues.

Package tracking says "Shipping Label Created, USPS Awaiting Item"

Your package has reached the post office but it's important to remember due to COVID even after the holidays the postal service is experiencing issues with scanning large volume. Some packages may get scanned and tracked- others may not update until they are at your local post office out for delivery.

Lost package?
Look HERE for more information before contacting Steffy.

Still need help?
Contact Steffydoodles here


Thank you so much for your support to my small business during this time.

We appreciate you! 


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