Commission Questions

Where can I find your highest quality commissions?

The page will only be avaliable at the time I am taking these commissions and I will make an announcement when I am preparing to open these types of slots.

How can I secure a HQ commission?

My Patreon's will be the first to know but there is no real way to secure a slot even as a Patreon. I will not take first come first serve there will be a submission period so multiple people can get their submission into the pool and I will pick what I would like to work on the most. If you submit and aren't chosen please do not take personal offense. There is no way that I can pick everyone's submission and I tend to choose ideas that I feel like I can execute the best. This can be multiple factors in my decision process.

When will you open up your HQ commissions?

I work a normal job with my Patreon work- I also work in my free time after work hours on personal projects/merchandise and I take commissions on weekends. I don't have a lot of spare time to commit to big pieces for others so it just depends on when I can make time for one.

Will you always stream commission work?

No. I am not obligated to stream your commission. If I don't have time or it conflicts with a schedule I will work in my own time, this includes normal weekend commissions.

When will your OC creations be open?

Even more rarely than my HQ commissions, I put a lot of effort into making OC's for people, this means that I have to constantly be working along side of someone so maybe once or twice a year if I decide to open them which also depends on work load.

Shop FAQ

Something I purchased digitally isn't working?

Please contact me through my contact form here.

Something is gone from your shop, how can I get it?

Bigger merchandise will be a set pre-order. Once this item sells out it needs to be in a bigger demand for me to find it worth it to restock. Make sure if you really want that item you get it in pre-order status.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes! We ship internationally please see below the wait times that might come with that.

Where are you shipping from?

Steffydoodles is based in Atlanta GA

When will my order ship?

This is an independantly owned shop that means Steffy packs all the orders herself with help occasionally. This means we'll only ship out every other week but due to COVID19 there could be even longer wait times. For more information please read our COVID19 statement here.

How long will it take for my package to get here?

Depending on where you are located it could take up to a month and even longer with COVID19. Domestic and International can take 2 weeks up to a month. For more information please read our COVID19 statement here.

Do you accept returns?

All sales are final. All the fine details of every item are listed in the description this includes; size, material and any additional info you might be looking for! Make sure to review this before making your final purchase.

Something I ordered is being returned how can I get it?

If you entered your address or didn't pick up an item Steffydoodles is not held responsible. Your item will be returned to us and you can take a refund or we can reship the item with a fee included.

What if my package goes missing?

If there is any issues with your tracking you'll need to reach out to your local postal service. Once the item leaves us and is in the hands of the postal service we are no longer responsible.

My item is damaged what can you do?

Steffy quality check's every single item before packing it. If somehow we missed something you can message us with photos and we'll go from there!

If your item was damaged through postal service, unfortunately that is out of our hands. You'll need to contact your local post office- if that leads no where or you need the shipper's help you can message Steffy here and we can see what we can do.

Do you ship to the UK?

Due to complications currently with VAT tax I cannot ship to the UK. Any orders placed for shipment to the UK will be refunded immediately in full.

I plan to open up a Etsy later this year, in which you can order items to be shipped to the UK. Please understand VAT is complicated for a small business.

General Questions

What do I bring as a “supporter” of the Unity Dance?

An open heart and awillingness to help. An attitude of respect for the Dance and the land and the guardians of the land where the dance is held. The equipment needed to look after yourself (tents, sleeping bag, mesh kit,etc..) Tobacco (an offering of acknowledgement and respect to the Dance Chief) Monetary contributions (money is gratefully accepted to assist our intercessor towards travel to and from USA)

Is there any special ettique around the dance area?

Yes! In order to honor the dance area please:

  1. No recording equipment at the arbour (e.g. camera, video, tape)
  2. Do not smoke, eat or drink around the arbour
  3. Modest dressing (men – long pants and shirt / women – long skirt and shoulders covered). Leave shoes outside arbour area.
  4. Adults must take responsibility for their children.
  5. DO NOT enter the arbour “gates” (into the area where the dancers dance) There is a special way this can be done – FIND OUT FIRST.

Can we visit the dancers in the dance arbor?

No! We ask that you do not ingage the dancers as they are in a sacred space and energy so we ask that you please give the dancers “space” during rest times.

What do I do if I am givin a dancers staff?

If you are invited to hold a dancer’s staff outside of the circle during their rest time, this is a time to transfer the energy between the dancers and the supporters, pray with it and invite people to pray with it too. Under any circumstances, do not place the staff down. It is important to have it tended for, (you are also giving strength and energy to the dancer in return). Wait by the west door to be invited again into the circle and to return the staff to its owner.
If you are unsure about something wait for an appropriate time then ASK.

What Can't I bring to the dance?

For the safety and sanctity of the ceremony and out of respect for the land its held on no drugs weapons or alcohol are allowed.'

I have read the clothes etiquete but I dont see a place for the gender fluid.

If you Identifi as They, Them, Ze, Gender Fluid or in transition you would dress according to how you Identifiy on that paticular day. This dance is open and inclusive to all.

Don't see your question? Ask here!